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Chinese Man

6th April 2018 - Friday 19:00

Chinese Man, France's sensational hip hop and electronic music artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

Chinese Man was formed in Aix-en-Provence (Marseille, France) in 2004 and is a collective consisting of DJs High Ku, Sly, and Zé Mateo. At times, the line up also includes producers Leo Le Bug, Le Yan, Taiwan MC, and MC Youthstar. Their musical style is influenced by hip hop, reggae, funk, dub (a style that grew out of reggae in the 1960s and consists predominantly of instrumental remixes of existing recordings that are created by significantly manipulating and reshaping the recordings, usually by removing the vocals from an existing music piece, and emphasizing the drum and bass parts), and jazz, and it's described as a blend of trip hop (a sub genre of electronic music that originated in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom, as an experimental variant of breakbeat) and underground rap (a label used to refer to rappers who are brazenly anti commercial and/or proudly independent, indifferent to the exposure promised by major label promotion and distribution). Their breakthrough came in 2009 when of one of their tracks (I've Got That Tune) was used in a promo campaign by Mercedes-Benz. They've had a stellar career with 10 studio albums.

Don't miss your chance to see the artists who bring a sound reminiscent of early dub heavy Gorillaz, Morcheeba, and DJ Shadow! Click the button below to see Chinese Man on Friday, April 6th!

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