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Daniel Skye

27th June 2017 - Tuesday 20:00

Daniel Skye, Florida’s sensational dance pop and teen pop artist is bringing his signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

Daniel Skye was born in Hollywood (Florida) in 2000 and is a singer and songwriter. He began his musical journey at the age of 13 by singing at his Bar Mitzvah. He said in an interview, “People were coming up to me in the temple after I sang and read the Torah, and my friend and dad’s friends were saying I had a good voice. I went home and checked it out. I started taking guitar lessons and decided to make an Instagram account. Every day I would come home from school and post these 15-second covers of the top songs on the Internet. People started sharing it with their friends and it took off from there!” His musical style is best described as a blend of teen pop (a subgenre of pop music characterized by auto-tuned vocals, choreographed dancing, emphasis on visual appeal, repeated chorus lines, and lyrics focused on teenage issues such as love/relationships, finding yourself, friendships, coming of age, fitting in and growing up) and dance pop (a fusion of electronic dance music and pop music, with influences of disco music, post disco, new wave, synth pop, electro pop, and house). He’s had a stellar career with 3 singles and he’s toured with Demi Lovato, Magcon, Sunsation, Aaron Carpenter, and many others.

Don't miss your chance to see the online pop sensation whose videos went viral and helped garner him a record deal!