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Joe Purdy & Amber Rubarth

1st February 2018 - Thursday 20:00

Sensational folk music artists Joe Purdy and Amber Rubarth are bringing their signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

Joe Purdy was born in Hickory Creek (Arkansas) and is a folk singer, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist (he plays banjo, guitar, piano, harmonica, and mandolin). He’s had a stellar career with 14 studio albums and his music has been featured in many TV shows (Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, House M.D., and Suburgatory), movies (The Secret Life of Bees, Going the Distance, Straight A's, and A Case of You), and in the commercial for the Kia Spectra car. He also made his acting debut with the film September 12 (for which he also composed the score). His single Worn Out Shoes (a collaboration with fellow singer and songwriter Brain Wright) was a hit and he said in an interview, “I was driving through Colorado with Brian…in this SUV rental with the sun roof…on this really gorgeous night. We had been on the road for a long time and you could see all the stars up through the roof and he was taking his shift driving and I had a mandolin in the passenger seat and just started playing ya know around with it “the hole in the roof for stars to fall in…” and then we started singing it together…Anyway, it was kind of the first and one of…the only time I’ve ever co-written… and he’s one of the only, if not the only person in the world that I would actually want to co-write with.”

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