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La Femme

26th October 2017 - Thursday 20:00

La Femme, France’s sensational indie and new wave artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

The band was formed in Biarritz (France) in 2010 by singer and keyboardist Marlon Magnée and guitarist Sacha Got. Their musical style is best described as a blend of indie rock, indie pop (a subgenre of alternative/indie rock originating in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s and differing from indie rock to the extent that it’s more melodic, less abrasive, and relatively angst free), indie electronic (a subgenre of alternative/indie rock with affinity for electronic music, using samplers, synthesizers, drum machines, and computer programs), new wave (a genre of rock music that moved away from smooth blues and rock and roll sounds to create pop music that incorporated electronic and experimental music, mod, and disco), and neo psychedelia (a diverse style of music - originating in the 1970s as an outgrowth of the British post punk scene – that borrowed a variety of elements from 1960s psychedelic music and emphasized the cryptic margins of avant-rock, incorporating evanescent textures over an immutable bassline, producing a heavy metallic ambience). Their debut album (Psycho Tropical Berlin) won the French Ministry of Culture’s Victoire de la Musique award. They’ve had a stellar career with 2 studio albums, 3 extended plays, and 4 singles.

Don't miss your chance to see these artists add a unique touch to indie and new wave music!