Do you like Brighton Music Hall?


9th December 2017 - Saturday 20:00

Lespecial, Connecticut’s sensational multi genre artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

The band was formed in Connecticut in 2005 by Luke Bemand (bass and synthesizer), Rory Dolan (drums and sampler), and Jonathan Grusauskas (guitar, synth, sampler, and vocals). Luke joined Rory’s band when he was in the 6th grade and he met Jon in high school. He said in an interview, “Jon and I played in a different band called the Noise Boys, which was more of like a jam band kind of project. Eventually we crossed over with Rory and brought both of those worlds together. We played a lot of experimental type of music. A lot of the Mars Volta, Medeski Martin and Wood, and Primus. We started building our own instruments and weird shit like that, and we’ve stuck together ever since. I can’t believe it but it’s been over 10 years. We all play in different projects, we all do music full time, but lespecial is home base for us. We’re all best friends, and have been playing music since we were kids.” Their musical style can be best described as a blend of Afro Latin rhythmic traditions, hip hop, funk, and metal. They’ve had a stellar career with 1 studio album and 2 extended plays.

Don’t miss your chance to see these artists ignore convention to amalgamate the familiar styles of Afro Latin rhythmic traditions, hip hop, funk, and metal into a singular sound!