Do you like Brighton Music Hall?


30th August 2017 - Wednesday 21:00

Marduk, Sweden’s sensational black metal artists are bringing their signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

Marduk was formed in Norrköping in 1990 and is named after the patron deity of Babylon. It was formed by guitarist Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson who was intent on creating the most brutal and blasphemous metal act ever. He recruited vocalist Andreas Axelsson, bassist Richard Kalm, and drummer Joakim Grave to complete the line-up. The band’s had various line-up changes over the years and currently consists of Morgan, Magnus “Devo” Andersson (bass), Mortuus (vocals), and Fredrik Widigs (drums). Their musical style started as straightforward death-metal-influenced version of black metal but over the years it has evolved to more of a fast and intense form of black metal. With a relentless commitment to blasphemy and extremity combined with a manic touring schedule and a steady stream of recordings, they established themselves as one of the renowned bands on the Scandinavian black metal scene. Their lyrics are mainly about Satanism, anti-Christianity, Biblical tales, death, Third Reich history, World War II, and they’ve had a stellar career with 13 studio albums, 1 live album, 3 compilation albums, 6 EPs, 3 singles, and 3 DVDs.

Don’t miss your chance to see the artists who got together to be the most blasphemous band in the world and whose music is laced with hyper-blast beats, furious drum work, sheer brutality over melody, and raw vocals!