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Nate Staniforth

17th January 2018 - Wednesday 19:00

Nate Staniforth, Iowa's sensational magician and author is bringing his signature show to the Brighton Music Hall!

Nate Staniforth is a touring magician, speaker, and author from Iowa. He took an interest in magic at the age of 8 when he found a book of sleight of hand magic at the library. He became obsessed with a coin disappearing trick and practiced it for hours. He said in an interview, "I discovered at a young age that you can say something with a magic trick that's hard to say any other way. The coin trick was the beginning of it for me. I felt like I had found a secret door — a back entrance to the human experience that doesn't get visited very often. I wanted to see where it went. I quickly lost interest in doing anything else...I just gave myself over to this idea that you can't do everything and the thing I really wanted to do was become a great magician." His breakthrough came when he became the host of Discovery Channel’s international hit TV series Breaking Magic. He's had a stellar career with performances on college campuses across the country, a TED Talk, and a lecture at the Oxford Union.

Don't miss your chance to see the artist who abandons the ubiquitous style-without-substance bravado so often associated with magic and appeals instead to the imagination and intellect of his audience! Click the button below to see Nate Staniforth on Wednesday, January 17th!

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