Do you like Brighton Music Hall?


24th August 2017 - Thursday 20:00

Vérité, New York’s sensational indie artist is bringing her signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

Vérité (birth name Kelsey Byrne) was born in Orange County (New York) and is a singer, songwriter, and pianist. She began her musical journey by learning to play the piano and she grew up listening to The Cranberries, The Breeders, Nirvana, and Green Day. Her musical style is best described as a blend of indie pop (a subgenre of alternative/indie rock originating in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s and differing from indie rock to the extent that it’s more melodic, less abrasive, and relatively angst free), dance pop (a fusion of electronic dance music and pop music, with influences of disco music, post-disco, new wave, synthpop, electropop, and house), and electro pop (a fusion of electronic music and pop music - with primary usage of synthesizers and various electronic and pop musical instruments - often with simple, catchy hooks and simple dance beats, but differing from those of electronic dance music genres in that songwriting is emphasized over simple danceability). She’s had a stellar career with 3 extended plays, 13 singles, and she’s been the opening act for Canadian indie pop band, Stars. She’s also performed at many major music events including Neon Gold Popshop, South By Southwest, The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn Bowl, the Firefly Festival, and Lollapalooza

Don't miss your chance to see this artist add a unique touch to indie pop, electro pop, and dance pop music!