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Viva La Hop & The Jauntee

25th November 2017 - Saturday 19:30

Sensational multi genre artists Viva La Hop and The Jauntee are bringing their signature sounds to the Brighton Music Hall!

Viva La Hop was formed in Boston in 2011 and consists of Deshawn Alexander a.k.a D-Vibes (keys), Andrew Ellington a.k.a Chubby Beatz (drums and percussion), Baylen Hernandez a.k.a Bo-Lyriks (rhymes and reason), Philip Galeota a.k.a Philly G (rhymes and reason), David Kawamura a.k.a Sub-Q taneous (guitar), Reggie Mitchell (bass), Neal Rosenthal (trumpet), Craig Hill (saxophone), Nathan Berla-shulok (saxophone,) Rob Krahn (trumbone), and Lauren Santorio (art work and design). Influenced by jazz, funk, and hip hop they've created a musical style that's best described as organic hip hop; a genre that takes the contemporary sound of trap and hip hop, but scales back the more aggressive, synthetic elements in favor of more natural sounding melodies. They cite the Roots, Herbie Hancock, James Brown, and A Tribe Called Quest as their main influences. They've released 1 studio albums and collaborated with Iva Kostic and India Thomson. The Jauntee was formed in Boston and consists of Scott Ferber (drums), Caton Sollenberger (guitar), Tyler Adams (keyboards), and John Loland (bass). Their musical style spans many genres (such as funk, rock, jazz, progressive, bluegrass, psychedelic, and ambient) and features a lot of improvisation, set list variety, and musical exploration.

Don't miss your chance to see these artists with their no holds barred creativity and musical energy!